LeadSquared | 2015 - 2017, UX Designer



LeadSquared is for small and medium businesses to be able to nurture their leads and convert them into customers. The platform accomplishes this by having modules that help the Sales Team and the Marketing team.


I joined the Product team at LeadSquared as a UX Designer with the main role updating the legacy user experience of the platform though a series of small and large projects. Through my projects, I went on to be a Product Manager heading a small team of 1-2 individuals. Below are the a few projects that I’ve with over the duration of 1 year and 8 months.


Marketing Automation


Automated Drip Marketing was an attempt to redesign the Drip Marketing feature in a manner that is extremely usable and helps marketing and sales teams set up the marketing flows, in minutes.

For this project, I worked with a team of 2 designers, 5 engineers and 4 testers. My main role was that of a Lead UX Researcher and Product Manager.

To understand how drip marketing is used in 2015, we started out by talking to our customers and understanding the problems they were facing in using our current drip marketing feature. We then went on to interviewing customers who did not use LeadSquared but used alternative product like Salesforce and Active Campaign to be able to run their campaigns. These insights lead us to the next step of doing rigorous competitive analysis. The analysis helped us understand what features users were looking out for and what inconveniences they faced in general across all products by different platforms.

The following were the two areas we focused on:

  1. Providing an interface that was usable without a manual

  2. Easy-to-read reports about the campaign they had run

We brainstormed the different versions and conducting user tests with our intended audience. The final product was released in April 2016 and subsequently was featured in G2Crowd.


One the most important things I’ve learnt from this project was how to conduct usability tests. We conducted a series of remote and field user tests with audiences across different countries. With constraints of a small team and a short timeline, user feedback was critical in pushing the project in the right direction.


First Time User Experience

The goal of the project was in to increase the conversion rate of online sign-ups from 3% to 6%. As a UX Designer I had to provide recommendations as to how to improve the first time experience of the user on the platform.

The first step was to understand all steps a new user must take to get into the platform and then explore all the actions he/she could perform. There were a total of 4 steps that needed to be performed to get started on the platform. This constituted my first recommendation - a new user must be able to use the platform in a single click of signing up.

My next step was to talk to users who had dropped out, but they had no real incentive to talk to me. Instead, I interviewed users who used only a few features of the platform or were new to the platform (2 weeks in). The key insight was -

Since the platform had so many features- users often did not know where to start or where to find what they were looking for.

My second recommendation was to include a getting started dashboard - that constituted of a walk through for the various features and highlight the progress of the user running through all features.

To test the recommendation, I created prototypes and asked users who were new, whether adding the particular feature would have been beneficial to their experience. They offered suggestions which were incorporated into the prototype.

After both recommendations were implemented and efforts made by the marketing team, the next four months so a steady increase in conversion from 3% to 7%.


For both projects I worked wonderful teams who taught me a lot about user research and user experience design. It was practical way to implement all the methods I had learnt. Some of them were for the first time and I’m grateful for my manager and mentor - Sudhakar Gorti for his unending support and encouragement every step of the way.

Shout out to Sneha Chowdhary for being the most amazing teammate and colleague I could have asked for.