About Me



I’m Varshine (pronounced ‘var’-’she’-’knee’). As a graduate student in UC Berkeley, I’m a User Researcher and specialize in Human Computer Interaction. My current work is around designing for trust in digital applications used by human right’s defenders and citizen journalists. I’m also working with SFUSD on understanding how children can go to schools that fit their needs.

How I got into design:

I worked as a tattoo designer for two years in Bangalore. I used to spend quality time with my clients, understanding them and absorbing their environment and vibes. I used to listen to things said and unsaid. Once I got what I needed, I used to draw up sketches and they usually ended up loving it. The work I did got inked on their skin - it felt very gratifying to see that.

What stood out from this experience was everyone wants their voice heard, but I wanted to listen and that’s one of the main reasons I choose to be a UX Researcher.

Prior to coming to Berkeley, I worked as a User Experience Researcher & Designer for three years at LeadSquared and ChalkStreet.

I sketch, meditate and am always up for ice cream. If you’d like to chat, drop me a line at

I've gotten a chance to work with some really great people. You should take a look into their work too!

Rajasi Desai, Kaushiki Priyam, Michelle Peretz, Michelle Chen